Sunday, October 28, 2012

Government that fits us.

What do we need our different levels of government to do for us and how much taxation do we need, taking into consideration the principle of diminishing returns validates itself whilst the big versus the small government betrays us as that is so supercilious.
  Governments can directly through government itself create jobs and indirectly by paying private entrepreneurs for items that make for jobs, Government aid to the disabled and others aids the economy by indirectly helping entrepreneurs again to create jobs.
  The public debt itself then can aid job creation.In recessions, we must create more debt so as to spur the economy and then in better times to get a decent hold on debt.
  Progressive taxation justifies itself partly in that the taxes of the rich pays for roads and other infrastructure as Sen. Henry Clay, Whig, and Pres, Abraham Lincoln, Republican advocate.
   Reactionaries want  no real part of all that as they imagine that never,never dystopia of laissez-faire capitalism, that known immoral ideal of the road to serfdom!
    Today, we cannot afford Hamilton's insistence on tariffs as we progress in exchange with other nations. Free trade, with guaranties for worker and environmental concerns, aids us all. We take to international courts trade disputes. Trade, not  imperialism is our goal.
   We must be vigilant in lowering wasteful spending and so forth. Spending for the common welfare in itself is not such and spending on research in itself is not wasteful spending.
      Along side the growth of governmental responsibilities at all levels, our liberties and rights loom forth. People do not lose their responsibility and desire to work hard when bad fortune puts them on workfare and such, So many people now prosper as a result of government susidies!
     The best government is the one that fits our needs and protects our liberties and rights!

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