Monday, February 18, 2013

Free trade and the planetary ethic

       Paul Kurtz ever admonished for the planetary ethic of concern for all on the planet. Eudemonia- human flourishing, invites us all to concern ourselves with all humanity as far as possible. Eudemonia is universal, not egoistic, for humankind.
        Some of us participate in international charity. Yes, we can give to local charities, but why, find those close at home more worthy of help than those elsewhere, especially since the others are generally worse off? \
           With John Rawls, I advocate the social contract of placing ourselves each behind a vale of ignorance whereby we have to think of the better whatever the outcome for each of us is. For example, in effect, that is what Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are doing by endorsing the Buffett Rule to raise the tax on the super rich. It is in their self-interest thereby to practice that form of altruism, which enhances instead o f harming their interests.
          Theirs and like-minded discern the universal good for all and to maximize it. This is utilitarian at its best. Our self-interest should include that of others!
          One way to accomplish this reflects the good of  free trade. Per the previous essay, this Union in its self-interest- lower prices and so forth- results with freer trade with other nations. Together, all nations would enlarge their own people's eudemonia and help other nations.
         Free trade helps to cut down on war, because it is easier to trade to get economically better than to make war.
           Yes, our interests can conflict with others, but that is why we have global agreements and work with global organizations.
          The two new agreements would help the nations involved.
          Protectionism is dead, as Paul Krugman notes!
         We need to be as utilitarian as possible to enhance our and others' interests. This is part of our axiology- our values.
           We need to increase arms controls and gun safety world-wide.
           Climate change respects no boundaries, so we need to get a world climate treaty.
           Crime respects no boundaries, so we need to see to it that the global, ex slave empire crumbles.
          Ethnicity respects no borders. so the Kurds and others split amongst different nations should have their cultures respected by each of their nations.
         War crimes respect no borders, so Turkey should atone for the genocide of the Ottoman Empire by denouncing that genocide and embracing the Armenians ! We Americans have denounce the genocide to our native Americans.
          Rights respect no borders to an extent, so we need to get all nations to respect human rights.
          What do you suggest for our planetary ethic? Do you dissent?

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